Welcome to Njimia Kenya Ltd

Njimia Kenya Limited (NKL)’s Top Management Team (TMT) carries a real philosophy of work anchored to clear vision, precise mission and integral core values. Our commitment aims at supporting governments, not-for-profit and profit organizations to increase the supply of high quality medicines and healthcare services at an affordable cost. This commitment also seeks to ensure concerted effort to rid the healthcare system of sub-standard and counterfeit products. We are committed to putting financial and human capital towards quality products.

Quality System

At Njimia (K) Limited, we believe that quality of products is built at every stage of the manufacturing process. All our activities are guided by well laid out Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to guarantee quality of products manufactured in the plant and released to the market. The key aspects of the quality assurance system in the factory include premises, documentation, personnel, equipment and utilities. Strategic management of each of these elements contributes to a quality system that seeks to guarantee achievement of high-quality products.


We are committed to partnering with innovators in the pharmaceutical industry with view to establishing strong collaborations towards sustainable quality products. Njimia (K) Ltd has existing partnerships with the following organizations for purposes of research and analysis of products:
National quality Control Laboratory (NQCL).
Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

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